Wow, has it been that long? Let’s catch up…

Well, it seems that I created this blog and then some where along this very painful life journey I am experiencing, I failed to keep up with the commitment I vowed I would.

Okay so since having that failed 2nd ACDF I continued fighting my pain demons. October 2016 I had a new MRI cervical and lumbar, a few days prior to that surgery I was in a car accident. Fast forward to 2018, I had a 3rd cervical spine surgery. This time a posterior laminectomy and foraminotomy at c6-c7 on the right side. Following surgery, I was in more pain than I have ever felt in my life….even before the surgery and even before the first and 2nd surgery. My neck hurts worse, I feel like I have an electrical shock going down my neck into my shoulders, my shoulders and upper arms hurt, my fingers on right side still go numb, my hands/wrists are weak and it’s hard for me to pick up or hold even my dinner plate – so we use paper more than most. I do no drive, hardly ever. I use a cane now to walk with assisted…I feel off balance, sometimes dizzy or faint at times, and all of the time as though my back will break in two; not to mention my right leg goes completely numb when standing for mere moments.

I was seeing a pain management physician and well things ended on a sour note back in March. I had my January Dr. 3 month visit. Got my pain meds refill approved and was supposed to be sent electronically to pharmacy with maintenance meds. This was a Friday. I’m out of pain meds too. And I am in pain, for 1. The oxycodone 30mg 4x a day I’ve been taking for over a year has run its course with me and my body is begging for MORE, STRONGER and 2. I have to wait all day until after 5p.m. until the rx is sent electronically to the pharmacy…and sometimes even it doesn’t reach there until close to closing time at 8 p.m. ugh So I keep checking, NOTHING! It’s now Saturday after midnight and I’m in so much pain I feel as though I could faint, vomit, go to the ER ( for nothing) so I wait for sun up ( knowing this does no good because there is NO on call , after hours contact person. BUT a miraculous thing happened and all worked out. Hubby saved the day. He some how made contact and dr was unaware that it didn’t get sent. He sent it right away. Ok keep in mind this was the FIFTH time I was allowed to go longer than 24 hours without pain medication due to error on behalf of someone in that office.

Fast forward: January 29th (a few days later) I return to dr office for a pre-surgery appointment. At the Dr’s request, he needed a letter showing proof of my upcoming surgery that week. Which I found odd because he didn’t need proof for the other 2. Anyways, I waited an hour and then 45 minutes in a room finally the nurse tells me she needed a drug screen at which I tell her I just did that on Friday that I am only here to drop off a letter and pick up a rx. She then tells me she needs to count my pills I JUST filled on Saturday. I have to leave and return with the pills only to sit in the room again, never did I see him only the nurse Xeroxed the letter and said they would electronically send over my surgery rx . But here’s the thing, I NEVER saw him that day and they billed my insurance for a dr visit. GTFOOH

Okay. So FAST FORWARD to after surgery: I can not get my surgery rx filled for oxycodone 30mg 6x a day because my regular months rx is too similar in directions of oxycodone 30mg 4x a day. So pharmacy calls dr and pharmacy tells me to take regular months rx by NEW directions 6x a day. Those run out, they will fill surgery rx and everything will be on track. Oh REWIND: January 26 appointment: Dr tells me anyone taking over 15′ s of oxycodone are being tapered down by half because the CDC DEA are on his case, watching him, going through his files, auditing him and so my March appointment he will start my taper but if I am still in bad enough pain post-op, then April. FAST FORWARD: Post surgery I call dr office for a refill to be sent to pharmacy. Nurse calls and says “um no, you can’t have them. You need to come in with your bottles, and wire a statement why you took your pills without following the directions as written”. I do this, as you remember, per pharmacy, I was told they spoke to dr office and this was the arrangement.  They pill counted me 0 and drug screened me. Instead of filling me 30′ s they started my TAPER!  Following 2 days, I return for a nurse appointment, pill count, drug screen.

I was to see him in March but I called in my pain meds rx to be sent to pharmacy on a Tuesday, knowing my appointment to SEE HIM not the nurse was on Friday.  My pills did not get filled and they said I still should have an excess of 12 or so, enough to get to Fiday. The nurse raises her voice, hangs up. I call back. Again same thing. At this point, I am 2 days, no meds, in pain, withdrawals, upset stomach, the entire 9 yards. I had to raise my voice to over talk her. But this time Im a bit more AGITATED, crying some and telling her how this is the SIXTH time that office has screwed me over like this.

They do not send my rx in, instead I am asked to come to the office bright and early as I have been TERMINATED as a patient and need to pick up my last rx’s which will taper me to 0mg!

OMG! 0 MG? WTF?  What did I do in this life to deserve this pain?

I am going to stop this mini-drama series, LOL. I did not realize I had written a novella. Plus, I need to potty and take this tens unit off my back. I can’t leave it on there too long. I have sensitive skin and the adhesive does bad things to me.

Anyways,  If you are following me, I am glad you are here. Let me know by replying with your alternatives to opiods for pain management.

Peace, Love and be Pain Free,



SI joint and ACDF #2

I am still recovering but from my ACDF at c3-c4 on May 10. I am still in pain and do not feel any different. 😥 I was hoping by now, 3rd week out to feel some sort of relief but I do not. So we move on from here into tomorrow and an SI joint epidural injection in my back. This is because I have pain in my back, hips, right knee with numbness radiating down my right leg at times. So we shall see if this works. In the meantime, I am supposed to find a back surgeon out of my neurosurgeon’s group to look at my scans.

Spoonie for Life

Who knew that back in 2001 a car accident would change my life forever. Gradually, the symptoms crept up my body and into my life and then without a moment’s notice, WHAM! it hit me like a ton of bricks , and has been full force running rampant in my body since 2005. The migraines, IBS, body aches, joint stiffness, arm numbness, tingling, arm paralysis, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip and knee pain, lower back pain…. I could go on and on but like most when I explain this, I get looked at like I am either a hypochondriac or a pain med junky, or it’s all in my head… I see doctor after doctor and just when you start to get comfortable with them, they stop believing in you. You’re a waste of their time. Or at least that’s how you are made to feel. Don’t get me wrong, I have excellent physicians. Just, I think they aren’t listening . One says “yes, there’s something wrong here” while the other says ” no you are normal”. Who do you believe? Anyway, I’m off my soapbox. This is my first post. I don’t know why I didn’t start this sooner.

Peace and love my fellow spoonies